Gandaulf The Traveling Corgi

Gandaulf is a Welch Pembrook Corgi. He came into our lives as a small little squirt that would high center himself on the daily newspapers as we went for our walks in the morning.  He had a room full of chew toys which soon became “chewed toys”.


As he grew we were inseparable. He traveled to more places than most human beings. He had his own climbing harness, life jacket, and back pack. Everything we bought for him had to be adjusted for his long body and short legs.

He came with us to social events where most people would take pictures of him instead of the event…

He was trained and certified as a service dog, which opened up even more travel opportunities.  He became a honorary “corn dog” on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Traveled to Costa Rica for my 50th birthday, and has been all over the USA.

He is a compulsive “player”. Whether it’s chasing a ball, Frisbee, stick or anything you are willing to throw, he will play for hours!  Every trip we take is for one reason only… to play ball with Gandaulf… just ask him.

Every year he has his own calendar because he’s so photogenic.  He thrives on being adorable, posing and being the center of it all.

Of all the things in the world… next to chasing a ball… he enjoys belly rubs and getting dirty!

We do have to draw the line when he wants to be dirty , AND get belly rubs tho.

Corgis even have their own terminology among their owners.

The Sploot… 084

A Nubbins… they have no tails…189

The interesting way they sleep…

This is my best pal… my always there for ya buddy… and a big part of our little family.

Author: Two Travelin' Chicas... A Grand Adventure

Since I can remember I have been interested in travel, writing and photography. I am a 50 some year young gal from UTAH! This year, 2017, is the beginning of the third phase of my life. Together with my soul mate Chris Williams and Pembroke Corgi, Gandaulf, we are setting out to travel around the world. Through this blog I hope you will all travel vicariously through the ups and downs of this part of our lives. Come and join in this... A GRAND ADVENTURE...

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