Summers End

The fall is coming. Summer has begun to tire of her own heat and dryness. The sun has given up its march north and slides silently in a blaze of crimson and pale blue.

The crickets and other night creatures begin their symphony as the nights coolness begins to settle. The dull hum of the traffic softens and the sound of the night heightens with each passing moment and darkening sky.

It is the end to a perfect day. The beginning of a period of rest and a reprieve from the lingering heat of a fading late summer day.

I noticed a softening of the vivid greens of the tree leaves… a sign of the cool, shorter days. The fruit has begun to ripen on the vine signaling the fall harvest.

This year has passed too quickly… as they all seem to now-a-days. Hopes and dreams fade in the last dying hews of pink and gold.

It will soon be time for my body to slow its pace and prepare for the long nights ahead…

One day at a time…