About Us 2023

About The Two Chicas

We’ve begun our journey again, May 6, 2023, this time without our trusty companion Gandaulf. When we first got Gandaulf, I knew that someday his life would end and a new chapter of our lives would begin. We set up everything around our boy. Our travels to Central America, he came along. A river trip, sailing cruise, hikes up into thin mountain air, Gandaulf was more than willing to follow, smiling and younger wagging.

Our new dream is to travel around the globe for the next few years. The ravages of time have begun to effect our joints and our hearing. Working in the Automobile sales business and working auctions has taken the eardrums for a long loud ride the last 30+ years. We sold all that we owned and bought a one way airplane ticket to Ireland and now are back on the road again.

Come along with us as we travel the world and share out adventures!

Cheers… The Girls


Having fun and learning new things.

What You Do?

Nothing…write, play, enjoy local brewery hoping and enjoying the finest wine and distilleries.

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