My name is Johnna, my travel partners are Chris, my GF and Gandaulf, a 7 year old Pembroke Corgi. Twenty five years ago Chris and I hooked up, fell in love and began our lives together. Traveling, more specifically adventure travel has been our escape to deal with the stresses of our daily lives. About five years ago, we discovered living abroad blogs and publications and we were hooked.

Our travels started with Central America and quickly migrated south into South America. If I was to list the countries in both Americas we have visited, it would be easier to list the ones we have NOT visited YET… The beauty and grandeur of both countries pull at our very cores. That’s not to say the good ‘ole US of A isn’t full of wonder… but after 50 some years of living and traveling there it has become a bit boring. Oh and let us not forget the political climate that will dominate the stage for at least the next 4 years… This year, 2017, has always been our planned ‘jumping off’ date.

Gandaulf, our traveling Corgi, has been to more countries than most humans. I love writing and photography. Chris just loves the idea of something new and the adventure in discovering a new culture. Needless to say we are not a boring, middle aged couple with a dog!

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