The Sand Trap

For an adventure…aside from walking the beach, renting a SUP, or a sea kayak, there is always driving. Although 4WD is not a must… I’d say it is a definite suggestion. We rented a “small compact car” at first, then decided to upgrade to an SUV. Number one for the extra clearance but secondly for the off-road capabilities. Of course an SUV in Mexico is NOT the same thing as an SUV in Utah. Do not assume the SUV is 4WD or AWD!

The second full day we ventured out to explore all the east cape of Cabo had to offer. It’s only about 40 km from our Hotel into Cabo Pulmo proper. Along the way is the Sonoran desert landscapes, prickly cacti, windy sand roads and beautiful vistas that constantly changed around each turn.

There are many camping villages on this stretch of sandy road. Huge motor homes line the edges of the many arroyos…there is an entire makeshift tent city right on the beach. We chose to drive out to investigate and soon found out that our SUV was in fact a RWD NOT an AWD! Now being from Utah we have learned to navigate through sandy tracts… but we normally have a vehicle that all four wheels are doing the driving. Of course we could air down the tires…but we would have no way to get them back to the proper levels when returning to paved roads. We proceeded with caution and on our journey helped free some Europeans in a 2WD Ford Ranger, who had somehow managed to get themselves buried deep in the sand sideways across the road. They had little knowledge of driving in this terrain. We helped get them free and they sped off thinking driving faster would keep them from getting stuck again.

We found our way off the beach and back onto the sandy road and proceeded into Cabo Pulmo.

It has been about ten years since we found this little town and like all little things, the town had grown to accommodate the thrill seekers, fishermen, and kayakers. There were shacks lining the road to the beach all vying for the business of the tourists who braved the road to this destination. We ventured out onto the beach and played with Gandaulf in the surf for a while, enjoyed a cold beer and headed into the old part of town to find some food and internet. A small pizzeria caught our eye so we chilled out for a while, caught up on news from the outside, posted on our blog and FB, had some incredible guacamole and shrimp quesadillas, then headed back out.

The road back to the hotel was just as dicy, especially if you need to pass a huge dump truck. Yep you guessed it…we pulled up off the road to let the truck pass, went to get back on the road and we instantly were buried up to the rims. No biggy. A few minutes later we had dug ourselves out and backed onto the road and began our sand surfing all the way back to VidaSoul.

It wasn’t until the next morning that we found our good fortune…a screw had punctured our rear tire and in the morning it was totally flat. Had it gone flat on the sandy road, we would have been in a world of trouble.

Kinda funny, the manager was all worried and said he’d get one of his guys out to change the spare. Of course Chris and I… being the strong willed women we are, beat him to it and had the tire all but changed by the time Miguel came to help out. We graciously let him finish the job and tipped him $20 USD in gratitude. Yes and thank the stars we had a full size spare and tools.

Author: Two Travelin' Chicas... A Grand Adventure

Since I can remember I have been interested in travel, writing and photography. I am a 50 some year young gal from UTAH! This year, 2017, is the beginning of the third phase of my life. Together with my soul mate Chris Williams and Pembroke Corgi, Gandaulf, we are setting out to travel around the world. Through this blog I hope you will all travel vicariously through the ups and downs of this part of our lives. Come and join in this... A GRAND ADVENTURE...

2 thoughts on “The Sand Trap”

  1. You two are the most competent travelers I’ve ever known. You know how to see and appreciate everything as well as handle any little mishap that comes along. Love ya!

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  2. Tire punctures are inevitable, but thankfully they are also pretty easy to repair. I carry a quality air compressor (You can find a review of the Viair 88P portable compressor on my blog if you’re interested, it’s the perfect size for your Grand Cherokee) and an expensive tire repair kit. Together you’ll never be left stranded anywhere.

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